Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Hellenic Students Association.


Article II. Purpose

The Hellenic Students Association seeks to foster a sense of Greek culture by bringing together undergraduate and graduate students of Hellenic background as well as other members of the student community interested in the Greek culture. The Association will have as a primary goal to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual life on campus. The purpose of the association will be (a) to promote fellowship among members of the Greek student community, (b) to provide for the welcoming and counseling of all newly arrived Greek students, (c) to promote cultural, social, and educational activities among the Greek student community, (d) to promote and sponsor cultural, intellectual, and educational activities that will further the awareness of the modern Hellenic heritage in history and culture, and (e) to work with the Greek community of the greater metropolitan area in furthering these purposes.


Article III. Members

This Association shall have only one class of members. Members of this Association may be any undergraduate or graduate student of Hellenic background as well as any member of the student community interested in Greek culture and history.

A)        To become a member, one must attend at least one general meeting, fill out a form given by the Executive Committee for recording purposes and pay the $5 enrollment dues of the Association.

B)        All members shall enjoy the following privileges:

                                    1)   Attendance at all General Meetings and other HSA events.

                                    2)   E-mail contact of all upcoming events inside and outside of school.

3)      The right to review the minutes and reports of General and Executive Committee meetings, except those meetings defined as private.

3)      The right to make motions and object to proposals on the floor at general meetings.

4)      The right to nominate and elect HSA members for election as officers to serve on the Executive Committee.

5)      The right to nominate and elect HSA members to serve on various committees that shall be brought to existence in General Meeting.

C)        To be a member in good standing, a member shall be required to (a) attend at least one General Meeting per semester, and (b) pay the $5 membership due per yearly term.


Article IV. Officers

There shall be seven Officers that shall comprise the Executive Committee, who shall be elected by the General Meeting of Members, every spring semester. They shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and three (3) Associate Officers. Each shall hold his or her position for one term. A term is defined as two (2), sixteen-week semesters, beginning in the Fall following elections, and the summer semester.

A)        Both undergraduate and graduate student members may be considered for the Committee. Any member on the Executive Committee must have at least two semesters at this university and must not be in danger of failing out of the university, preferably having a cumulative GPA of 3.5/5 or higher, to be eligible.

B)        The President shall be the official representative of the organization and shall function in accordance with the stated mission of the organization. The President shall also have the following duties:

1)      The President shall be the chief executive officer of the organization and shall see to the faithful execution of all club functions and activities.

2)      The President shall have general supervision of the group's activities and programs.

3)      The President shall organize meeting schedules for at least the current semester, with advice and consent of Executive Committee.

4)      The President shall set agendas for meetings, with advice and approval of the Executive Committee, and shall have the responsibility of carrying out the agenda. The President shall set order and time limits of topics for discussion and presentation.

5)      The President shall be responsible for all passwords, keys, or any club property.

6)      The President shall be elected no more than once and shall serve no more than three (3) sixteen-week semesters.

C)        The Vice-President shall assist the President in two main duties: (a) planning and preparing meetings and (b) planning and preparing any club activities or committees.

The Vice-President shall assume the President's duties when the President is unable to serve, and shall appoint a new Vice-President from the Associate Officers or from a member approved by the Executive Committee.

D)        The Treasurer shall have general charge of the financial affairs and responsibilities of the Association. The Treasurer is expected to be present for the collection or payment of monies at club activities, and must keep accurate records of the group's financial transactions. The Treasurer is required to give a financial report at least once a semester and when requested by the Executive Committee.

E)         The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Association and of all activities and programs. He or she will handle all formal correspondence and filings between members or third parties and officers of the group.

F)         The Associate Officers shall help organize, supervise, and carry out, any activities and meetings, and shall be responsible to inform the members of any such meetings and activities.

G)        At the beginning of each term, there shall be held an Executive Committee meeting where the officer positions will be offered, after discussion, to members of the Executive Committee by the President and following tasks shall have responsibility awarded to members of the Executive Committee:

i.                     General email correspondences and announcements

ii.                   Web page maintenance

iii.                  Membership records

iv.                 Publicity

v.                   Committee heads, if any

Any of the above allocations of responsibility shall be subject to the approval of the General Assembly.

H)        Any Officer may be impeached if he/she has (a) engages in activity contrary to the purpose of this Association or detrimental to the Association, (b) misuses or abuses his/her authority, or (c) fails to fulfill his/her responsibilities.

I)          In order to impeach an executive board member, a motion must be made on the floor of a general meeting. The person making the motion must state his/her reasons for the member's impeachment. The Executive Committee will vote at the next Executive Committee meeting as to whether the reasons are just cause for impeachment. The Officer that is being voted on will be required to leave the room and not be within audible range of the meeting. A vote will commence. If 4/7th of the Executive Committee find just cause, then that member will be impeached. Regardless of the executive board decision, a 2/3rd majority vote of members at the next General Meeting can overturn the decision of the Executive Committee to keep or impeach this Officer.

J)         The Executive Committee shall meet at least once during or before the first week and at regular intervals in a semester to discuss the affairs and issues of the HSA. Resolutions of the Executive Committee shall require a majority vote of quorum in Committee.


Article V. Elections

Officers shall be elected annually by the members. Elections shall be held every spring semester. A newly elected officer's term in his or her elected position begins at the beginning of the Fall semester following elections.

Two types of elections may be held, as proposed in resolution by the Executive Committee.

1)   In vivo election at assembly

2)   Electronic correspondence elections.

Members eligible to vote are those who have registered one week prior to the day of elections and have paid their dues by that day.


A)        A nomination is a motion on the floor of a meeting or a written statement by a member expressing his or her desire to have the member in good standing mentioned in his or her statement on the ballot for the position of President or Committee member or both.

B)        Nominations procedures shall begin two weeks prior to elections by a nomination's officer selected by the Executive Committee.

C)        Any undergraduate or graduate member of the organization may be nominated for election.

D)        Nominations for President and other officers must be accepted by the person mentioned and recorded by the elections officer in order for the member to be placed on the ballot.


E)         An election meeting must consist of at least twenty-five (25) members, including the current officers. If this number is not obtained on elections day, the President may postpone elections by no more than two weeks and only once, and shall notify the members of the new date.

F)         The election procedure will be as follows:

1)         An Electoral Committee presides over the election. It consists of two active members elected from the members by open ballot after a quorum has been established and the club sponsor, if possible.

2)         First, there will be an election for President.

                        3)         An election for the other six officers will follow immediately (on the same day). The six candidates who receive the most votes will be elected to the Executive Committee.

G)        All members shall have one vote by secret ballot. Members may not vote by written proxy. The President shall be responsible for informing all members of the election date and the election procedure at least one month before the elections.


H)        An electronic election shall be organized by the Executive Committee.

I)          If a motion in opposition is not raised, the main organizer of the election will be the President, and shall be the sole viewer of ballots. If the President is on the ballot for any position, another member, either from the Executive Committee or general membership who is not seeking office selected by the Executive Committee, shall function as the elections officer.

J)         The President shall send a correspondence to all eligible members and shall prepare a ballot, stating the candidates for President and for Committee.

K)        Eligible ballots shall be received during an election period, which shall last two school days. The email ballots shall be counted after time expires. If twenty-five (25) valid responses are not received, the President shall inform the members, and the balloting may be extended by one (1) school day if so requested by a candidate or deemed necessary by the President.

L)         The President shall announce to the members the newly elected officials of the organization after the results are certified, along with the tally.

M)               The member who gets the most votes for President shall be named President-elect and the six members who get the most votes for committee shall be named Executive Committee-elect members.


N)                In the case of tied voting and no withdrawal of candidacy, a second round of tiebreaker voting, under previously stated rules, shall commence. Only the candidates receiving equal number of votes shall be on the second ballot for the positions they received tied votes for, and shall be held immediately for assembly elections, or extended one (1) school day for electronic elections.


Article VI. Meetings

The General Meeting of Members shall be the primary and principle decision-making body of the HSA.    

A)        General meetings are to be held at least four times every semester. All club business and general meetings will be conducted in English.

B)        Members must be informed of general meetings at least one week prior to the date of the meeting. In the event that a scheduled meeting needs to be canceled, all members should be informed as soon as possible. No meeting can be set during summer semesters.

C)        If any voting must take place at a general meeting, then the members must be notified. The general meeting of members may pass a resolution with a majority vote of quorum.

D)        Any motion on the floor must be made at a general meeting and seconded by another member. If voting on this motion by members is necessary, then voting will take place at the same or next general meeting, as dictated by the measure and/or attendance.

E)         The first semester general meeting shall always take place during the first or second week of each semester, the date, time, and place of which shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

F)         The times, dates, and places of all other required semester meetings shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee, generally following a three to four week schedule.

G)        Special meetings of the General Assembly may be called by the Executive Committee.

H)        Notice of regular and special meetings and topics to be discussed and voted on shall be communicated to all members of the group by the officer responsible for correspondences at least one day in advance for special meetings and two days in advance for general meetings.

I)          The President shall chair all meetings. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President or another officer may chair the meeting.

J)         All members shall have one vote with respect to any resolutions put forward during a meeting. Members may vote by written proxy, if necessary, filed with the Secretary. Any objections to resolutions shall be subject to the decision of the majority.

K)        The Executive Committee shall meet at least two (2) times a semester with the Faculty Advisor to discuss affairs and issues concerning the HSA.

L)         A quorum is constituted by more than 1/2 of all members present. In order for any objection or resolution to be voted on, be it in Executive Committee or General Assembly, a quorum must be present.

M)        Resolutions may be passed without a majority vote if there are no objections when the item is presented to and fully discussed by the General Assembly at a general meeting.


Article VII. Amendments

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the HSA. Any three members of the group may propose an amendment. Proposals shall be filed in writing with the Secretary prior to a meeting, so that the group may debate the proposal. Amendments may be voted on at regular or special meetings.