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November 26th, 2007: Bob might be running for public office.
Al-Tsantiri News Agency - By Tomtakos: There is news that the former supreme leader of the HSA, Bob Sdralis, is creating a exploratory committee to examine the possibility of launching a campaign for the COOK COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS District 13. More information will be released to the public as it becomes available.

February 20th, 2006: Team HSA wins silver in UIC Volleyball competition!
Al-Tsantiri News Agency - By Tomtakos: The HSA was proudly represented in the Volleyball Championship game by Chris Agnostopoulos, Nick "Anal" Analitis, Christina Papadopoulos, Costa Flevaris and the international cheerleader Dimitris "FU Guy" Giannakopoulos. They played their hearts out but after a few bad calls by the referee, their fate was sealed to hold the silver medal. The mood was low, but team member, Costa Flevaris, took it especially bad. He was seen crying and throwing a tantrum after the game. With a tear in his eye he was asked why? His response was "If we only had Bob Sdralis on the team, we would have been the champs."

September 1st, 2005: Hurricane Katrina prompts mass exodus to Wrigleyville
PSKAMPILO-NEWS: Ravaged by gail-force winds and floods, New Orleans residents were forced Monday from their homes in an effort to save them from unsafe conditions, looting, and general lawlessness. Particularly threatened is New Orleans gay community, who have accepted for reasons of personal security and fulfilment an invitiation to Chicago from Wrigleyville Dog owner Bob Sdralis. "I want to help these people," said Sdralis when asked what motivated his offer. "There always seems to be room in me for persecuted minorities and well-endowed minority film stars let's say, just as there's always room for one more in the Wrigleyville Dog bathroom," he said.
Long-time friend and New Orleans resident Dick Jagger, aka DJ Psoles Piano, commented, "The opening of Bob's heart and home will certainly not be the last thing he opens for us when we arrive. Bob always makes the transition back and forth for us smooth. Bob is always more than we imagine and we can imagine quite a lot! See you there, studly!"

April 30th, 2005: Political Shake-up in the HSA
ITAR-TASS: Tensions developed Friday in the HSA when UIC legal spokesperson Ala Partonpoulo confirmed allegations involving the "New Bob Party" and Bob "The Harry Kolo" Sdralis and connections to the scandal-ridden Fr. Makis Giosakis, a former neighbor.
Giosakis is mired in scandal in 3 different countries for fraud, money laundering, and a homosexual cover-up in the Orthodox Church. Giosakis and "The Harry Kolo" allegedly had more than a "neighborly" relationship.
In exchange for campaign contributions to the "New Bob Party" and an endorsement from influential church members, Sdralis gave cover to Giosakis while he conducted his illegal and immoral business dealings, and possibly "giving people the business," in bathrooms owned by Sdralis. Giosakis illegally arranged for the sale of Jerusalem's Imperial and Petra Hotels in the parking lot at Wrigleyville Dog. The fraudulent contract was actually written on the back of a WD napkin! Also on the napkin was an unknown substance, taken to the lab for testing.
Peggy Lalopoulos, president-elect of the HSA, said she was saddened by the unfortunate revelations but tried to put some distance between herself and Sdralis. "My administration hasn't even begun, and already a shadow is cast over my presidency. I have nothing to do with the New Bob Party, in fact, everyone knows I ran on a 'Bald is Beautiful' platform! These charges do not involve me or my executive board."
The New Bob Party could not be reached for comment.

Election Results are in!
By Tomtakos: Peggy Lalopoulos of the "New Bob Party" is our new president by defeating the liberal Nick ANALitis and his "Febuary coalition". Peggy was calm and composed as the results were flowing into her office. There was cheers of jubilation in the streets around UIC once the results were made public. People were thanking God for choosing Peggy as the new leader of the HSA. There were some unfortunant episodes that were witnessed and involved members of the "Febuary Coalition". Several memebers had to be detained, but to the suprise of the police, they insisted on being anally probed before their incarciration. In addition, board members were were choosen and play a very important role in the HSA. Without them, the HSA would not be able to function. The "New Bob Party" dominated the positions, while only one member of the "Febuary Coalition" was elected. The following people should be congradulated: Nick Analitis, Joanna Chiotis, Drew Gazis, George Lappas, Jenelle Mallios, Christina Papadopoulos.

The Hellenic Students Association is holding elections.

Running for the various positions are:

Nikos Analitis
Year in School: Graduate
Major: Finance

Peggy Lalopoulos
Year in School: Junior
Major: Biology

Board members
George Lappas
Year in School: Senior
Major: Economics

Georgia Karountzos
Year in School: Junior
Major: LAS

Jenelle Mallios
Year in School: Junior
Major: Nutrition Science/Pre-Optometry

Joanna Chiotis
Year in School: Junior
Major: Psych/Pre-Pharmacy
Statement:I have been an active member of the HSA ever since my first year here at UIC. I've tried to put in my part for the best of the HSA for all the years I have been here. Even though I am half Greek I still put my all in what I am able to do ad will always be 100% Greek at heart.

Drew Gazis
Year in School: Junior
Major: Engineering

Christina Papadopoulos
Year in School: Junior
Major: Education - Math

March 14th 2005: Hellenic Student Backgammon Tournament Update
Al-Tsantiri News Agency - By Tomtakos: Congradulations to Georgia Hatzis, who won this semester's backgammon tournament! She was seen parading in the streets around UIC by herself and a stray dog.

Febuary 22nd 2005: Hellenic Student Backgammon Tournament
Al-Tsantiri News Agency - By Tomtakos: The start of the spring backgammon tournament created huge television ratings for the third straight year. An unprecident number of players participated in the event and watched by millions at home. At center stage, former president Bob Sdralis defeated former champion Angela Patsiopoulos in what proved to be a dramatic come from behind victory. The crowd, often wild and obsene, chanted Eisai to kalitero paidei; Bobby, Bobbyyyyy! On a sad note, Angela's unsport-man-like conduct drew swears from the vicious crowd. In what followed was completely unforseeable. Four innocent bystanderds were injured and had to be treated at the unviesity hospital for their head trauma and Arsenis Arseniou suffered massived testicular injury that may scar him for life. We wish Kumar Al-Hadid, Howllong Deng, and Punjabee Patel speedy recovery.

December 15th 2004: Hellenic Student Confrence in Athens
Al-Tsantiri News Agency - By Tomtakos: A huge undertaking is about to take place in the center of Athens where the citizens are holding their breath, literally. Former presidents, vice-presidents and members are going to partake in a confrence of immence importance. Topics that concern improving CCC, homosexual studies, Cyprus, Macedonia and FINDING COSTA FLEVARIS A CAREER are top on the agenda. Due to possiblility of protester infaltrating the confrence, the police and the army will be there to make sure everything will go smoothly. Furthermore, the price of one kilo of tomatoes is 1 euro, one bunch of celary is 50 euro cents. This reporter will be attending the confrence and hopes that everything on the agenda is accomplished.

December 6th, 2004: Response to the HSA regarding the US government's policy change towards FYROM from Sen. Richard Durbin

December 6, 2004

Mr. Constantine Flevaris
UIC Hellenic Students Association
Box B15, Rm. 479 CCC
750 S. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60607

Dear Mr. Flevaris:

Thank you for your letters and contacting me about the Bush Administration's decision to unilaterally recognize the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as the Republic of Macedonia.

I share your concerns about this decision, and I cosigned a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell with a number of my colleagues expressing opposition to this sudden change in U.S. policy. Our policies should support the development of strong and stable bilateral and multilateral relations between and among the democratic countries in the Balkan region. Recognizing the FYROM as the Republic of Macedonia runs counter to this goal and undermines the negotiations between the FYROM and Greece to resolve this matter.

I will be sure to keep your concerns in mind as the Senate continues to consider U.S. policies concerning this region. Thank you again for contacting me. Please feel free to stay in touch.

Richard J. Durbin
United States Senator


November 9th, 2004: The HSA position on the US government's policy change towards FYROM

On Thursday, November 4th, the United States decided
to officially refer to the Former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonia as simply "Republic of Macedonia."

As an American citizen, I am disappointed by this
decision. The United States is a country with
tremendous influence and presence in the Balkans.
Since the fall of Communism in 1989, our proud claim
has been that our leadership serves to promote
stability and encourage good relations between all
countries in the region. This policy decision
violates both of those points.

In 1991, the UN recognized the southern province of
Yugoslavia as an independent nation under the name
"Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia," showing
deference to the legitimate cultural and territorial
concerns of FYROM's neighbor to the south, the
Republic of Greece. A UN-sanctioned process has been
in place ever since by which Greece and FYROM can
resolve their dispute.

This decision on the part of our government
threatens to short-circuit this process and promote
poor, not good, relations between the two neighbors in
a region where the vital US interest is peace and
stability. It also denigrates the legitimate position
of Greece, an ally of the US and member of NATO, in
the matter.

The only fair position for our country is what has
been in place for thirteen years: the matter
should be resolved through negotiation between the
parties involved without undue outside pressure.

I urge you to take whatever measures you can to rescind
this disturbing policy decision of our government immediately.

October 17th 2004: Former President loses mind and buys motorcycle, service to HSA blamed
After settling happily in Gainesville, FL, former HSA President Christos Lampropoulos shocked the world by purchasing a motorcycle and depleting his remaining income on a new biker wardrobe. Lampropoulos threw caution to the wind in making the purchase last week, forgetting that Florida had just been hit by not one, but four hurricanes, and that motorcycles offer no protection from aligators that live in the Everglades or from the elements when you get kicked out of your motor home. Friends have rushed to support Christos, hoping to coax him back to reality, but an expert familiar with him and such purchases, who studied his web page closely, had this to say: "He'll come back to us when he realizes that bike won't bring him more chicks, because it's not a BMW, Yamaha, or Harley, or when real bikers trash it for taking a parking spot one of them could use."
No word on what influence being the HSA president had, but the stress of the presidency likely played a large role.
October 14th 2004: Greeks Take Over Part of Inner Circle
About thirty Greek students of UIC took control part of the cafeteria in CCC by setting up barricades. This happend at around 12:30pm at the peak lunch-time traffic. Highly decorated board members were described as organizing this event. Unfortunantly, we have no pictures at this time. No injuries or fatalities were reported.
October 11th 2004: CCC Roof Leaks due to RAIN
A slight drizzle caused massive flooding at CCC of UIC. The following offices sustained terrible damages. The Muslim Students Association and the Pakistani Students Association. THIS IS FOR REAL! We are happy to report that NO damage was sustained in the Hellenic Students Association office. Coincidence? This reporter thinks not. There is probably a conspiracy probably involving these individuals, Theodoros Kolokotronis, Pavlos Mellas, Alexander the Great and God.
September 26th 2004: Hurricane Jeanne Hits Florida
St. Petersburg Florida: Florida is hit yet again with another hurricane. We received reports that former Hellenic Students Association president Christos Lambropoulos is in the path of the storm. He has apparently not understood tailgating is not appropriate while real Hurricanes are comming to town. Dressed in only his bathing shorts, he appears content but frightened with the approaching hurricane. Witnesses report him talking to the approaching hurricane "No, No I don't want it".


On Wednesday May 19th, 2004, Giorgos Alkeos and Antzy Samiou will be performing at the Carlisle Banquet Hall in Lombard, IL. The concert is brought to us by and is being cosponsored by the Hellenic Students Associations of UIC, DePaul, and Loyola universities.
The officers of the UIC HSA agreed to sponsor this event as a fundraiser for the organization. As we suspect members of the club may want to go, purchasing tickets from HSA officers will benefit the club via commissions on ticket sales. HSA officers have also examined the plans for the concert, gave suggestions, and think the concert will be enjoyable. Here's the low down:

The concert will be held at the Carlisle Banquet Hall in all its 3 rooms. There will be tables, a dance floor in front of a stage, and two bars. People will also have the option to buy bottles of liquor for their table. The concert will begin at 8pm with DJ Con and DJ Hasan mixing for a hour. Alkeos and Samiou will perform in the next hours, with Alkeos also performing an hour-long "nisiotiko" program, which is an outstanding performance. The concert will last until 2am.
Admission to the concert is $45/person. There are two types of sales that the HSA will be handling:
1) Sales of tables: A table for 10 (which can be extended to 11 upon request) can be reserved for the concert, where customers can order a bottle of liquor (your choice at $150/bottle) and be served sodas, tonic water, condiments, ice, etc. to mix their drinks. The HSA can arrange for parties of 10 or more to be seated at reserved tables (even if you don't know 10 people we can find enough people and make groups), however their position is first come first serve, so we encourage you to make arrangements sooner rather than later to do this and have your choice of location in the hall.
2) General admission: If you would prefer not to reserve a table, you may purchase a general admission ticket at $45. There will be smaller tables set up elswhere in the hall where you can sit and you will have access to the bar.
The HSA is receiving a generous commission for each ticket sold. All tickets everywhere are being sold at the same price and the same priority is given to any table reservation request. If you plan on going, please support your club and purchase your tickets from us. If you know anyone else that is going, please ask them to do the same. We'd be happy to hand deliver any ticket purchase. We can accpet cash, money order, paypal, and checks after clearance (we're working on accepting credit cards).

You may purchase tickets from any officer. You can send us a message via our submission form for ticket purchase or more information. You may also purchase tickets at our event at the Cretan Center April 23rd. We hope to see you there and that you support this unique opportunity for the organization.

Following are the list of candidates for the positions in the HSA, with a little information to help members make an informed decision.

The nominees are:
Candidate for President:

George Lappas
Age: 19
Year in School: Freshman
Major: Liberal Arts and Science
Statement: During my first year at UIC I became acquainted with the HSA and its members. I was pleasantly surprised with how close knit and friendly everyone was and is. That's when I decided that this is an organization that I would like to be a part of. I have been the vice president of the Macedonian Youth Organization for the past 2 years and have acquired a great deal of experience in leadership, event organization, and catering to the needs of the members, among others things. That is exactly what I plan to bring to the table here at UIC. I see an organization that has overcome obstacles and is still going strong. Not only do I want to continue in the footsteps of our previous presidents, but I want to help the HSA grow into an organization that we can be proud of and that future generations can be proud of. One of my main goals is to expand the club. There are over 500 students of Greek descent that attend UIC, however the HSA has only 73 paid members. In closing, I would like to request your vote of confidence for me in the presidency of the HSA for the 2004-2005 school year so that we can help the HSA grow and stay strong.

Candidates for Committee

Stephanos Karavolos:

Age: 22
Year in School: Senior
Major: Computer Engineering
Statement: I'd like to run for office because the HSA has helped me a lot during my years at UIC and I'd like an opportunity to return the favor.

Maria Paravantes
Age: 22
Year in School: Senior
Major: Biology

Ken Sourounis
Age: 19
Year in School: Freshman
Major: Accounting
Statement: I spent my first year here at UIC more on the outside looking in, basically getting to know what the HSA is all about and becoming better acquainted with the people who are involved. I really enjoyed all of the events that the organization set up for the Greek student body, and I would greatly enjoy being a part of the behind the scenes aspect of the HSA. I find great interest in things such as organizing events and looking to find ways in making the Greek student's stay at UIC a more pleasant and enjoyable one. I feel as if I am naturally a good leader and I have a variety of qualities which aid in me getting along and communicating with my fellow students. I plan on carrying these qualities over to the HSA and I am looking forward to being a part of the executive committee of the HSA.

Dimitrios Giannakopoulos
Age: 22
Year in School: Senior
Major: Business Administration

Georgia Karountzos
Age: 18
Year in School: Freshman
Major: Business Management

Nectarios Pittos
Age: 22
Year in School: Senior
Major: Political Science

Steve Spentzas
Age: 21
Year in School: Junior
Major: Engineering

Peggy Lalopoulos
Age: 19
Year in School: Freshman
Major: Liberal Arts and Science

Tom Mourikis
Age: 21
Year in School: Senior
Major: Kinesiology

Nicholas Analitis
Age: 21
Year in School: Senior
Major: Business Administration

Tom Sdralis
Age: 21
Year in School: Senior
Major: Liberal Arts and Science

Socrates Harisiadis
Age: 21
Year in School: Senior
Major: Liberal Arts and Science

Each of the candidates has been asked to provide members with a short statement saying why they would like to represent you on the Executive Board.
If you would like to nominate a member, please send mail to the officers.

The scholarship has been modified from past years.
In order to recognize several types of achievement and encourage original thinking and writing, awards will be given to students in three areas: Merit, Service, and Community.
Each applicant is asked to designate the area for which they'd like to apply and write on that specific topic.
Each applicant will be allowed to apply for the award in each area, i.e. you can submit one essay for each area award. The merit award resembles the application from years past. But, for example, if you think your service committment to the organization is exemplary, you may write an essay (300-500 words, aprx. 2-3 pages) on the topic provided under the service portion. Your essay will only be judged with essays that others provide for the service award. If you have ideas about the Greek community or modern identity, you can label your essay "Community" and apply for the community award. Or you can apply for both, or all three.
Each area will have an award recipient. One person won't win all three awards.

The HSA Academic and Cultural Events and Activities Committee met on Tuesday, November 26th.
Outcomes were as follows. If anyone has any further comments, please email them to the HSA and we will consider them at Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee will take all this into consideration when it constructs its proposal to present to the General Assembly for the scholarship application process.

Topics of Discussion and Recommendations

Topic 1: Scholarship Application

[if !supportLists]A) [endif]The goal of the scholarship as previously stated, to identify and reward the most exemplary members of the club and invite those people to consider increased participation and responsibility in the HSA's operation, should remain intact.

[if !supportLists]B) [endif]The previous application and setup, serving now as a beginning structure, should be changed in certain parts

[if !supportLists]C) [endif]The amount of money slotted towards the scholarships can alternatively be divided not by fixed amounts for each scholarship, but rather as a changing amount based on number of worthy applicants and not exceeding a maximum limit. The general goal should be to reward worthy applications and distribute all funds allocated for scholarships.

[if !supportLists]D) [endif]The eligibility criteria of �one parent of Greek descent� should be removed

[if !supportLists]E) [endif]The GPA requirement may need to be changed. A GPA requirement of 4.0, the GPA on the previous application, may be too high to set as a cutoff. A GPA requirement of 3.5 is too low to serve as a cutoff and not have points or added consideration given to a higher GPA. The Executive Committee should try to find a compromise between these two points.

[if !supportLists]F) [endif]In addition to participating in service activities, it would also be good to allow applicants to explain, in their own words, their contribution to the organization that may go beyond what is identifiable in participation in approved service activities. Sign in sheets should be circulated in the future at all approved events and Fall 2002 events should also count toward fulfilling the requirements.

[if !supportLists]G) [endif]There was a split in the committee after considering letters of recommendation from any person of respectable standing (professor, supervisor, etc. as possibilities) to be made a part of the application, and that split was about even (6 to 5 opposed). The committee suspects this even split may exist throughout the rest of the membership. The Executive Committee should look for a compromise position to reconcile the split, if one is at all possible.

[if !supportLists]H) [endif]The graduation cutoff date for applicants should remain the December of the academic year a person�s membership is good. That is, applicants graduating in December of 2002 or later should be considered for the award.

[if !supportLists]I) [endif]The topics on the previous application should be changed and that members are allowed to offer suggestions. No more than two topics should be listed, and one topic may be sufficient.

[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]

Topic 2: Positions in the HSA

[if !supportLists]A) [endif]The HSA can look to members to fill the positions that will be opened within committees and should have an organized process for deciding who should fill those positions.

[if !supportLists]B) [endif]There is sufficient interest in the possible open position in the HSA's Executive Committee. This interest may require a separate committee.

[if !supportLists]C) [endif]The previous year�s election results and how the tie was resolved should be remembered.

[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]

Topic 3: Lectures

[if !supportLists]A) [endif]An announcement was made about the open position starting Fall 2003 in the Department of Classics in Modern Greek. Members and the club should look to find suitable applicants for the position and offer them an opportunity to present their publications to assist their application for the position.

[if !supportLists]B) [endif]The HSA invites its members to suggest topics for academic events, lectures and presentations, to be hosted by the HSA.