March 6, 2005

Midwest Pan Hellenic Youth Organization First Newsletter!

1st Midwest Pan-Hellenic Youth Ball
On behalf of the whole committee of the Pan Hellenic Youth Ball, we would like to welcome you to the first annual Pan Hellenic Youth Ball. The idea arose many months ago to have an event that would bring as many of the Greek youth together for a night of networking, dance, music and fun.

We could have not made this night a success without the help of many organizers and sponsors. I would personally like to give a huge thank you to Mr. Tomaras and SAE, for their full support and backing of our efforts and event. Their desire to help make this event possible is very much appreciated. In addition to SAE, the Greek community at large has been very cooperative in promoting our event. A special thanks goes to Mr. Rekoumi and the morning Greek Radio station, Mrs. Kourneta and Mr. Stamatakos with the Hellenic Heartbeat, Alexa Gannakos with the Greek Circle Magazine, Enosis, The Greek Star, The Hellenic Tribune, Perrie Hayes with the Pan Arcadian Youth, Gus Karahalios from Empress Banquets who has offered this facility to host this event, and countless others who have shown that they do care about the Greek youth and believe in our goals. We would also like to thank all of our guests tonight, who took time to come and enjoy this evening with us.

Our mission from this dance tonight is to begin to bridge connections between the various Greek associations and groups in the Chicagoland area, and to slowly unite to become one voice, one entity, that can truly show how strong we will continue to be as an ethnicity and group in America. We hope that you find tonight a pleasurable, and fun experience and may this be the beginning for future, united endeavors.

Kyriakos Dimitrios Mellos
Chair, Pan Hellenic Youth Ball Committee

Hellenic Students Association of UIC
The Hellenic Students Association of UIC seeks to promote Hellenic awareness and culture on the UIC campus through various social, academic, and athletic functions.  The UIC HSA operates with one of the highest profiles on campus and proudly enters its 7th year of operation. The UIC HSA sponsors an annual banquet every November as its main fundraiser for its annual scholarship drive.  Three times a year the HSA sponsors an academic event where the students showcase their heritage or prominent members of the Greek community, such as writers, politicians, and activists.  In April, the HSA will host a lecture on the Byzantines and their influence on the Renaissance.  The HSA also sponsors teams in athletic competitions and leagues at UIC.  The UIC HSA also has committed itself to stewarding the establishment of a Modern Greek Studies Chair whose goal is to establish a curriculum in Modern Greek Studies at the University.  

If you would like to learn more about our activities or to contact us, please check out our web page at, or send us an email at, or call us at 312-355-5191.

Hellenic American Students Association of DePaul
The Hellenic American Students Association of DePaul University is a student-run association that unites DePaul University affiliates largely of Hellenic descent.

The response from the DePaul community to HASA of DePaul has been extremely supportive. In 2004, the association was successful in sponsoring and spearheading its first Modern Greek Language program at DePaul University which began this academic school year. Thanks to the efforts of the association, students interested in Modern Greek and Hellenism now have the option for a Modern Greek Minor. 

The association is also highly active in sponsoring social events and gatherings. Every academic quarter, the club hosts different fun-filled activities such as Intercollegiate Basketball Tournaments, Group Outings, Movie Nights, Tavli Tournaments, and several "Greek Dance Nights." In addition, the association is very involved in philanthropy. More than half of the clubs yearly revenue is filtered back into the Greek community through various charitable outputs.

HASA of DePaul, now in its third official year, has 38 members. The association is led by the current executive board President George Logothetis and board members John Logothetis, Demetri Floudas, George Trakas, Effie Konstantopoulos, Vicky Trakas, John Gikas and their Faculty Advisor Dr. Alex Papadopoulos.

If you wish to contact HASA of DePaul feel free to e-mail us at or visit our website at 
Hellenic Students Association of Loyola University
Since it's inception in the spring of 2003 the Hellenic Student Association at Loyola University has grown into a thriving ethnic organization. They have grown to over fifty members strong and have established their presence within the Loyola community. Every October and March they host their 'Hellenic Independence Week' and celebrate their culture with bake sales, movie nights, speakers, and a Greek Dance blow out in their Student Union gathering hundreds of Loyola students together for Greek food and traditional Greek dancing performed by the members of the HSA. Members also take time and volunteer at the Hollywood House on Sheridan Road, which is a nursing home that has a lot of elderly of Hellenic descent. You will also find the organization participating in intercollegiate events like basketball tournaments and dances. If you would like to get in contact with the Hellenic Student Association at Loyola University please contact President Charlie Mellos at (847) 302-2659 or at or please check out our website at 
Hellenic American Students Union of Northwestern University
The Hellenic American Student Union (HASU) of Northwestern University is an organization for students of Greek descent as well as all members of the NU community who are interested in learning, sharing, and exploring the rich culture and history of Greece. We seek to explore and preserve the Hellenic culture, as well as foster new friendships through various activities both on and off campus.

We organize various kinds of social events to bring together all of our members. In addition to biweekly meetings, we host events such as parties, cooking classes, trips to Greek churches and restaurants, and Greek language lunches, where everyone is encouraged to speak in Greek.

HASU, which is made up of around 30 members, is led by President Nina Mariano, Vice President Mary Futris, Treasurer Ioanna Georgopoulos, Secretary Georgette Argiris, and Social Chair Erika Kokkinos. If you would like to contact us, email Ioanna at 

Sons of Pericles

Sons of Pericles Spartan Chapter 
World's Greatest Hellenic Brotherhood
Visit our National website at
Also visit our chapter's website at

Mark it down on your calendars! July 25th - 28th, 2005 
83rd Annual AHEPA Supreme Convention Sheraton Boston Hotel
Hellenic Students Association of UIUC

If you would like to contact us you can send an email to our president Sofia Sianis at, or write a letter to the following address:

Hellenic Students Association at UIUC
280 Illini Union, Mailbox 53
1401 W. Green St.
Urbana, Illinois 61801
Hellenic Students Association at UIUC
280 Illini Union, Mailbox 53
1401 W. Green St.
Urbana, Illinois 61801

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